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Deck Healer, Dragunity Ruler Dragon Deck by Kish

Dragunity Ruler Fixed Version by Deck-List

From: Kish Subject: My Dragunity Ruler Dragon Deck Message Body: So this is like my version of the Dragon Rulers, I have added Dragunities instead of plant monsters. Although the Dragon Rulers were hit pretty badly in the September banlist, ...

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Dragon Ruler Plant Deck Recipe Last Format

Dragon Ruler Plant Deck for Synchro Summon

Hi everyone, finally after a lot of days, I’m here posting decks again. Today I will bring you guys a Dragon Ruler Plant Deck, that I have been testing a lot, and well even with the Dragon Ruler Kids banned, ...

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Best Dragon Ruler Deck Profile

Dragon Ruler Deck Recipe and Profile

So here I’m again with an updated version of A Dragon Ruler Deck. If you saw my previous post, you can agree with me, that this deck probably is the most stronger out there now in Yu-Gi-Oh. In the next ...

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