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Acid Golem Burn Deck with Gishki

Por el 09-10-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Acid Golem Burn Deck with Gishki

Hi everyone, today I have an Acid Golem Burn Deck, supported by Gishki Engine. The main reason, but not the only way to win with this deck is to give control of Acid Golem to your opponent without any Xyz Material and wait until he run out of Life Points by itself. To bring Golem we use Bahamut Shark (this …

Lightsworn Ritua Deck by Sintruth

Por el 05-10-2013 Categoria: Decks by Players
Lightsworn Ritua Deck Recipe

So I’m here today to post my Lightsworn Ritua build for September 2013. The main objective of this build is to mill your deck and swarm the field with powerful ritual/XYZ monsters thus enabling explosive plays and even OTKs. Trade-In and Magical Stone Excavation do a wonderful job here, allowing you to draw/recycle vital cards (salvage and surface), adding consistency and …

Gishki Hieratic Deck 2013

Por el 08-08-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Gishki Hieratic Deck Recipe

Hi everyone, here is a Quick Gishki Hieratic Deck, I’m really a big fan of the Full Gishki Recipe but this one is also good. This deck is very good for the ability to make Rank 6 Xyz Monsters very fast, Hieratic monsters are the perfect Tribute for Gishki Ritual Monsters since they are level 6 in this build. Previous …

Full Gishki Ritual Recipe

Por el 05-06-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Gishki Ritual Recipe Image Card by Card

Hello Yugioh Comunity, here I am with this Full Gishki Ritual Recipe that actually works very smooth. I’m getting in love with this deck because is in fact very good, and without any other cards like Hieratics to mix with this build. This deck is very fast and have a lot of Draw Power thanks to Moray of Greed, Trade-In …

Mystic Piper Relinquished Lockdown September 2012

Por el 02-01-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Mystic Piper Relinquished

Ok let’s see this deck, before anyone think anything. I always have been a fan of lv 1 monsters. From the beginning when I started to play yugioh, cyber valley was one of my favorite monster cards, those 3 effects were amazing for me, later I got a Morphtronic deck and the Celfon was great, and tuningware in the Synchron …