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Ghostrick Deck Profile

Ghostrick Deck Profile Image

Hey guys, I’m back, with this Ghostrick Deck Profile and being honest, this deck is far from be on the Top for now, maybe Konami will send like always more support for this deck, but you guys know, for now ...

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Crystal Beast Recipe Deck Healer #1

Crystal Beast Recipe Image Healed Version card by card

Hey readers, this is the first post of this new Section Deck Healer, in this section, we will post recipes, decks, or anything that you guys has sent to our page for Contact Form, our Twitter, Facebook or to our ...

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Alien Deck List March 2013

Alien Deck Recipe Image

Now I am here with an Alien Deck, I know is an old  archetype  but I kind of like it. Is a fun deck, and not bad at all, you can surprise anyone with this deck. But what really give me a ...

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Mystic Piper Relinquished Lockdown September 2012

Mystic Piper Relinquished

Ok let’s see this deck, before anyone think anything. I always have been a fan of lv 1 monsters. From the beginning when I started to play yugioh, cyber valley was one of my favorite monster cards, those 3 effects ...

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Scrap Meklord Deck List Sept 2012

Scrap Meklord Deck

[prever]jrLaYXOrWsU[/prever] The Scrap Meklord Deck is very resistent, they focus on synchro summon powerful monsters. Effect Scraps Synchros monsters has the ability to reborn a Scrap no-synchro monster when they are destroyed by the opponent cards. Well let’s see the ...

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Thunder Deck September 2012


Thunder Deck with Batteries and Photon 2012 It’s a Thunder Deck, but is based on the Hunder Family. They focus on Normal Summon many lv 4 to xyz summon rank 4 monster, in order to make good dueling. Thunder Sea ...

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