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Wind-Up Deck List January 2013

Wind-Up deck list

Well here is the Wind-Up Deck List , I know Konami kicked this deck, like almost every good deck on this game. But well here is a build that still solid, and very competitive. You can make your changes, basically ...

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Fire King Haze Beast Deck List January 2013

FIre King Haze Beast Deck Picture

It seems like Konami is getting in love with fire monsters, so I made this Fire King Haze Deck List that is pretty cool. I included Haze Beasts ’cause their xyz is one of the best actually; beside that Haze beast ...

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Chronomaly Deck List with Evil Hero Dark Gaia January 2013

Well, now I am here with this Chronomaly Deck List, but is pretty different to others beacause I mixed they with Dark Gaia. Chronomalys makes fast xyz summons, almost always Rank 5, so monsters like Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and ...

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Gigaplant OTK Deck September 2012

Gigaplant OKT Deck

Well let’s see this Gigaplant OTK Deck, before anything I let you know this deck, is not the same than years ago. When Konami was good, this deck was amazing for me the best one, two Lonefire Blossom, two Dandylion, ...

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