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Gimmick Puppet Deck Profile September 2013

Gimmick Puppet Build from Deck - List

So here we go, updated version of Gimmick Puppet Archtype. This build is made for the Last Banlist  of September 2013, and is an incredible Deck. Very easy to play, a lot of combos and super draw Power. You can ...

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Geargia Karakuri OTK by Kish

Geargia Karakuri_min

From: Kish Subject: Introducing Geargia Karakuri OTK Message Body: So this deck is based on the geargia monsters and 2 main karakuri turner monsters, Karakuri Watchdog MDL 313 Saizan and Karakuri Strategist MDL 248 Nishipachi. Then we use geargiarmor effect ...

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Morphtronic Deck Recipe Last Format

Morphtronic Deck Last Format OTK

Today we are checking this Morphtronic Deck Recipe, a good old deck that always works. This was probably the first full deck that I had with real cards, long time ago. This is actually funny a lot of little guys ...

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Ancient Gear OTK Deck Recipe with Golem

Ancient Gear Otk Deck Recipe for Ultimate Golem

Hi Yugioh Community, I really don’t remember who asked me for this Ancient Gear OTK Deck, but well I’m sure that guy will see this post. He asked me for an Ancient Gear Deck and the card more cool for ...

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Cyber Dragon Deck

Cyber Dragon Deck Recipe Cad by Card on Deck-List

Hi people, let’s take a look to a Cyber Dragon Deck Recipe, actually I already uploaded a video to our Youtube Channel about this deck, you can check it all the way to the end of the Post. The main ...

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Karakuri Deck List Otk February 2013

Karakuri Deck List 2013 Image

A friend sent me this Karakuri Deck List and I actually like it, this deck is very funny to play. It is able to do a lot of OTK. They do this with a lot of Synchro Summon, their synchros ...

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