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Mecha Phantom Deck Recipe with Machina

Mecha Phantom Deck September 2013

Hello Yugioh Community, today I’m posting a Mecha Phantom Deck Recipe. This recipe use the Machina Support since this guys are all machine monsters. This deck is actually pretty good, they has the ability to work with Tokens. Their effects ...

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Geargia Deck Recipe 2013

Gergia Deck Recipe 2013

Hi Yu-Gi-Oh community, now we have a Geargia Deck Recipe, the Deck is very easy to use, we can win very fast. Gergia Monsters is an Archtype of Machine-Type Earth Monster that are made to do Xyz Summons, and mainly Gear ...

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Ancient Gear OTK Deck Recipe with Golem

Ancient Gear Otk Deck Recipe for Ultimate Golem

Hi Yugioh Community, I really don’t remember who asked me for this Ancient Gear OTK Deck, but well I’m sure that guy will see this post. He asked me for an Ancient Gear Deck and the card more cool for ...

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Gimmick Puppet Deck with Machina Monsters

Gimmick Puppet Deck Image

Hi Yugioh  Community. I’m here with this super amazing wonderfull Gimmick Puppet Deck, mixed with some Machina Monsters and others. I’m really excited with this deck, for real is super cool and good, I have been testing this deck and I even ...

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Synchron Quasar Otk Deck List Sept 2012

Synchron Quasar

The synchron deck was used by Yusei on the 5ds Series. A pretty fast deck, able to make almost any synchro summon fast and dont even losing your hand. My Synchron Quasar version, like the name says, has the ability ...

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