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Crystal Beast Recipe Deck Healer #1

Crystal Beast Recipe Image Healed Version card by card

Hey readers, this is the first post of this new Section Deck Healer, in this section, we will post recipes, decks, or anything that you guys has sent to our page for Contact Form, our Twitter, Facebook or to our ...

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Infernity Recipe April 2013

Infernity Recipe Image April 2013

    Well now with my Infernity Recipe, very good deck, this one have been strong from the beginning, and it still winning Duels. The main strategy as maybe all of you should know is the opposite of every other ...

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Turbo Vayu Blackwing Deck Recipe March 2013

Turbo Vayu Blackwing Decklist

This is a Turbo Vayu Blackwing Deck Recipe, as you probably already know, Konami released Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow to 3 copies, so maybe Blackwing can come back from the death to be a little more playable this ...

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Constellar Deck Recipe February 2013

Constellar Deck Recipe Image card by card

Now we are here with a Constellar Deck Recipe, this deck is not bad at all, but is far from Top Decks. Actually the strategy is to draw  a lot with Star Sign of the Constellar. Constellar Xyz Monsters are really ...

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Dark World Virus Recipe February 2013

Dark World Virus Deck List Image

So here is a Dark World Virus Deck List. Basically this deck is super strong and I hope Konami take some action against this Deck. Is very easy to use this deck, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World is a ...

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Fire King Fleur Deck List January 2013

Fire King Fleur Image Deck List

Here is my Fire King Fleur Deck List. I was looking card by card, monster by monster, something to make a  different deck; tired of the same thing every day, when I saw Necro Fleur, and the first thing that came ...

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