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Shinra Plant Deck Build

Shinra Plant Deck Profile for Yugioh TCG

Update: This Deck have been updated, click on Sylvan Deck and Sylvan Turbo. There you go, another Shinra Plant Deck. I really like this new archetype, is different that be playing all day with others deck that are made just ...

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Gigaplant Melia the Ashwood Nymph Deck Profile

Gigaplant Melia Deck Recipe

Today I’m showing a¬†Gigaplant Melia the Ashwood Nymph Deck Profile, this is before anything, an amazing and fun deck for smart people. Is that kind of build that you can make a lot of different stuffs, but well the more ...

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New Level 8 Plant Deck

Plant Deck Level 8 Monster Cards

Hi everybody, today I’m posting an Update of a Previous Level 8 Plant Deck that I think I posted before. This Deck is based on Level 8 Plants monsters that have a lot of ATK power and they are easily ...

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Gigaplant OTK Deck September 2012

Gigaplant OKT Deck

Well let’s see this Gigaplant OTK Deck, before anything I let you know this deck, is not the same than years ago. When Konami was good, this deck was amazing for me the best one, two Lonefire Blossom, two Dandylion, ...

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