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Gladiator Beast New Deck Profile

Gladiator Beast New Deck Profile 2013

Hello Yugioh Family, right now we are seeing our Gladiator Beast New Deck Profile. For all of those that thought this deck is dead, you are wrong. This probably will not be a Top One again, but yes, I love ...

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New Gem-Knight Deck Build

New Gem-Knight Deck Recipe

Welcome to Deck-List and this is a New Gem-Knight Deck Build, a solid Fusion Deck, with a lot of Fusion Monsters with good effects, maybe not like Elemental Heros but they do a good job. The strategy with this deck ...

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Air Neos Otk Profile March 2013

Air Neos Otk Deck List

Here with an Air Neos Otk Recipe, this deck can be a good surprise, this makes your opponent think that you are losing by the low amount of hit points, when suddenly, Elemental Hero Air Neos is on the field ...

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T.G. Synchro Fusion Spellcaster Deck Sept 2012

t.g. synchro fusion spellcaster

T.G. Synchro Fusion Spellcaster deck is a T.G. deck with some Spellcasters. The deck is focused on Synchro Summon spellcasters synchros and add cards for the effect of Synchro Fusionist, the T.G. support make it faster, and actually I use ...

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