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TeleArcanite / Miracle 3.0 by Peter Tran (Supreme Arcanite Deck)

TeleArcanite Deck Profile

From: Peter Tran Subject: TeleArcanite / Miracle 3.0 My latest and greatest upgrade, I called TeleArcanite-Miracle-Rank 5. Base on my previous deck, TeleDad T.G-Miracle 2.0 and TeleDad T.G-Miracle rank 5. I design this deck specifically to gain advantage against decks ...

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TeleDad T.G-Miracle 2.0 by Peter Tran

T.G Miracle Deck Build

From: Peter Tran Subject: TeleDad T.G-Miracle 2.0 by Peter Tran Message Body: The new and improve TeleDad T.G-Miracle. Base on my previous deck, TeleDad T.G-Miracle rank 5, this deck is more consistent, faster, and better. Each Card in this deck ...

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Last Warrior from Another Planet Lock Deck by Allen

Last Warrior for Another Planet Profile Yugi

From: Alex Allen Subject: last warrior from another planet lock deck Message Body: ok now i know this deck idea seems weird….but stick with me. i was looking through my cards and seen the card ”last warrior from another planet”, ...

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Fusion HERO Deck Last Format, September 2013

Elemental HERO Deck Last Format

Hi everyone, today I’m posting this nice Fusion HERO Deck, this deck is prepared to work with this Last Format, and it was sent to me from a friend Takuya Sakka who is my friend and also is member of ...

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Ojama Deck Recipe with Tanukit Support

Ojama Deck with Tanukit Support

Hi everyone, today I bring to you guys an Ojama Deck Recipe, and how the title suggest, now with the Tanukit Support. The Tanukit Archetype is made to work with Level 2 Beast Monsters, so for that reason Ojama are ...

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Cyber Dragon Deck

Cyber Dragon Deck Recipe Cad by Card on Deck-List

Hi people, let’s take a look to a Cyber Dragon Deck Recipe, actually I already uploaded a video to our Youtube Channel about this deck, you can check it all the way to the end of the Post. The main ...

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