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Evol Deck Healer sent by Kish

Por el 05-11-2013 Categoria: Deck Healer, Decks by Players
Evol Deck Fixed Version

From: Kish Subject: The Evol Deck I was hanging around Dueling Network the other day and I decided to try out this deck. Although it may not be all that competitive I still see it as a potential. This deck has been quite forgotten, pretty much, but its ability to summon the most powerful dinosaur xyz monsters should not be …

Fire King Deck Profile from Reddit

Por el 01-11-2013 Categoria: Decks by Players
Fire King Deck with The Wicked Eraser

Hi people, this Fire King Deck was posted on the Yugioh-Reddit bye HueHueJimmyRustler. This Fire Kings runs very good, are consistent and the difference between others, is that you can destroy The Wicked Eraser from your hand with Yaksha to clean-up the Field. By the other hand he uses some Brotherhood Engine also, that make the game a little bit more dynamic. …

The ”knock-out” power of the Battlin’ Boxers by Cicciofano

Por el 03-10-2013 Categoria: Decks by Players
Battlin' Boxer Recipe card by card.

So yeah, I’m in LOVE whit this archetype since it was released. I totally love warrior-type monsters (except for those freaking Six-Samurais). And… what do I like more in here? Those warrior-type monsters are BOXERS! And even better: all of them are fire monsters! Is like they burn your face with a powerful knock-out! No, seriously… If you are not playing carefully against them, …

Last Fire Fist Deck Profile

Por el 09-07-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Fire Fist Deck

So here we are guys with another annoying deck. This time a good Fire Fist Deck Profile or Brotherhood Deck, it really doesn’t matter. This deck is very fast, and it can locks your opponent to death. A good team of Beast-Warrior Fire Monsters very well synchronized. They have a Set of Continues Spell and Trap Cards easily to search …

Fire King Fleur Deck List January 2013

Por el 23-01-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Fire King Fleur Image Deck List

Here is my Fire King Fleur Deck List. I was looking card by card, monster by monster, something to make a  different deck; tired of the same thing every day, when I saw Necro Fleur, and the first thing that came to my head was Fire King. Sorciere de Fleur is a great monster, and its effect is super awesome. You can …

Burning Knuckler Deck Build January 2013

Por el 12-01-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Burning Knuckler Recipe

So let’s take a look at this Burning Knuckler Deck recently made. For now this is not a powerfull Deck, and maybe Konami adds some support to this guys later, actually I don’t like their effects, but you know is good to see every build possible. For know they are just a set of 5 effects monsters and two XYZ, both rank …