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Natural Death (Naturia Deck) by Bradley

Naturia Deck Profile for Yugioh TCG

From: Bradley Subject: Natural Death (Naturia Deck) Message Body: Hi everyone, I have been running Naturia’s for years. With the many formats I have brought my Naturia deck through, I believe I have finally perfected it. This build has gone ...

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Geargia Deck Recipe 2013

Gergia Deck Recipe 2013

Hi Yu-Gi-Oh community, now we have a Geargia Deck Recipe, the Deck is very easy to use, we can win very fast. Gergia Monsters is an Archtype of Machine-Type Earth Monster that are made to do Xyz Summons, and mainly Gear ...

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New Gem-Knight Deck Build

New Gem-Knight Deck Recipe

Welcome to Deck-List and this is a New Gem-Knight Deck Build, a solid Fusion Deck, with a lot of Fusion Monsters with good effects, maybe not like Elemental Heros but they do a good job. The strategy with this deck ...

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Amazoness Deck Last Format

Amazoness Deck List last format.

Well I had a request of an Amazoness Deck from Arnaldo Desulovich on twitter, ( Thanks for everyone that follow us and connect with us asking for decks) and well is a funny deck, maybe is not the  chosen one to ...

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