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Suppressor Dragon Dragunity Deck List February 2013

Suppressor Dragon Dragunity Deck List Image

Suppressor Dragon Dragunity Review and Playing Style: Well this is my Suppressor Dragon Dragunity Deck List February 2013. I have been using this Deck for like 5 or six hours, so is not too much time, for know this is my ...

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Fire King Fleur Deck List January 2013

Fire King Fleur Image Deck List

Here is my Fire King Fleur Deck List. I was looking card by card, monster by monster, something to make a  different deck; tired of the same thing every day, when I saw Necro Fleur, and the first thing that came ...

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Six Samurai Deck List January 2013

Six Samurai Deck List Image

So here is a Six Samurai Deck List. I really hate this deck, and I will never use it. But is a fact that they are a good archetype. They have a lot of combos and the Synchro Monster is ...

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Nimble Frog XYZ January 2013

Nimble Xyz Deck-List

So now let’s see this amazing deck, Nimble Frog XYZ deck list, before anything this is a super funny and  wonderful deck. You can make few xyz that can help you to win, and  Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord is a card so ...

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New Harpie Lady Deck with Support January 2013

Harpie Lady New Deck List

Well here is my new Harpie Deck, after getting the new cards for support. This deck actually never was on my list of good ones, but for now is pretty interesting to play with they. Now we have a monster ...

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Phantom Beast Plane Deck List January 2013

Phantom beast Plane Deck Recipe

Well now let’s see this new Deck: Phantom Beast Plane. Before anything you should know this deck is not to powerful for know. I have been testing it for just one day and I know is not enough. That’s why ...

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