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Bujin Deck Last Format September 2013

Bujin Deck

Well is time to update the Bujin Deck in our page, this time, we will use the Last Banlist September 2013 and also add a new card.  So we have now another Beast-Warrior Bujin Monster, that allow us to activate ...

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Constellar Recipe Last Banlist

Constellar Recipe Last Banlist September 2013

Hi Yugi Community and welcome to this Constellar Recipe for this Last Format September 2013. I know that outthere we have a lot of Constellar Fans, I actually like this deck a little bit. This Recipe is very consistent and ...

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New Bujin Deck Recipe with Support

New Bujin Deck Recipe Image with support

Hello my lovely Yu-Gi-Oh community. I’m here very excited with this new support of our Bujin Deck Recipe, this is a whole different build than the previous Bujin Deck posted before on the page. Starting to  analyze this we have another Beast-Warrior ...

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Amazoness Deck Last Format

Amazoness Deck List last format.

Well I had a request of an Amazoness Deck from Arnaldo Desulovich on twitter, ( Thanks for everyone that follow us and connect with us asking for decks) and well is a funny deck, maybe is not the  chosen one to ...

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Alien Deck List March 2013

Alien Deck Recipe Image

Now I am here with an Alien Deck, I know is an old  archetype  but I kind of like it. Is a fun deck, and not bad at all, you can surprise anyone with this deck. But what really give me a ...

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Best Chaos Suppressor Dragon Deck List February 2013

Chaos Suppressor Dragon Deck Image

Well after few days testing those Suppressor Dragons, I can let you know that they are really strong, and I see this deck on Top soon. The problem with they is that they can only activated one effect per turn, ...

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