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Pure Chronomaly Deck List

Por el 12-12-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Chronomaly Deck List for Yugioh TCG 2014

I know guys, there has been a long time without making or publishing any Deck, I guess I’m to lazy. But Today I have this Chronomaly Deck for you people and is a very funny and competitive deck. The reason because I’m doing this Recipe is because recently we got some new cards for the Deck. Between those cards we …

Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck by Alex Allen

Por el 26-11-2013 Categoria: Decks by Players
Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck Profile Yugioh Tcg

From: Alex Allen Subject: chronic deck profile (Chronomaly-Gorgonic) Hello, this is my original deck idea that i came up with. this deck uses cards that won’t be out till legacy of the valiant. i’ll be honest, when i made this deck i didn’t expect much from it, but it has surpassed my expectations tremendously. this deck utilizes the power of …

Chronomaly Deck Profile with Mini-Guts

Por el 29-05-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Chronomaly Deck Profile Image Card by Card

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists, here is my Chronomaly Deck Build with the Spell Mini-Guts, to make good Otks and good Combos. As you can see I’m using Hand Destruction and Upstart Goblin, and well it’s  obvious that I want to get the  maximum  speed and  the best possibility to draw Mini-Guts. By the Chronomaly part is easily to bring Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech to the …

Chronomaly Deck List with Evil Hero Dark Gaia January 2013

Por el 08-01-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes

Well, now I am here with this Chronomaly Deck List, but is pretty different to others beacause I mixed they with Dark Gaia. Chronomalys makes fast xyz summons, almost always Rank 5, so monsters like Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and Number 61: Volcasaurus are very welcome on this build. They has 2 monster that can be summoned special, they has …