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Elemental Incarnate Dragons Recipe March 2013

Elemental Incarnate Dragon Recipe Image

So here is the last version of Suppressor Dragons Cards, now called Elemental Incarnate Dragons. This Deck is too good, basically if you start the game, is almost a win. Starting with a Eclipse Wyvern and anyone of the Small ...

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Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 New Formula

Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 Image

So here I am, with a Mermail Deck Recipe from this new March Banlist. I really like this build, is pretty different than the others, cause everyone is focused on Genex Undine, and I don’t really like that card. This ...

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Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck Recipe February 2013

Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck List Image

I call it Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck, first of all because Reaper of Prophecy is the main card in the deck, this was revealed by Konami recently as support for Spellbook, and really worth it. The deck is focused ...

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Harpie Lady Deck List February 2013

Harpie Lady Deck Image Cards

Well here I bring another Harpie Lady Deck List, this is more current. Few changes in the extra deck and now joins the team Harpie Dancer, is a new support for Harpies. The effect is that you can select a ...

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Karakuri Deck List Otk February 2013

Karakuri Deck List 2013 Image

A friend sent me this Karakuri Deck List and I actually like it, this deck is very funny to play. It is able to do a lot of OTK. They do this with a lot of Synchro Summon, their synchros ...

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Best Chaos Suppressor Dragon Deck List February 2013

Chaos Suppressor Dragon Deck Image

Well after few days testing those Suppressor Dragons, I can let you know that they are really strong, and I see this deck on Top soon. The problem with they is that they can only activated one effect per turn, ...

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