Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck Recipe February 2013

I call it Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck, first of all because Reaper of Prophecy is the main card in the deck, this was revealed by Konami recently as support for Spellbook, and really worth it. The deck is focused on the usefulness of Spellbook Magic cards, so I use as many spells as possible, and I do not use traps cards in the deck, we will play a ¬†game where the goal is to devastate your oponnent as fast as possiblet. I lean on the power of Divine Judgment of the spellbooks, recent card, that stabilize the game and bring to battle the few monsters that I use, among those Night’s End Sorcerer (especially to remove the cemetery of the opponent), Magical Exemplar (the perfect summoner around for this deck), among others. Well, trying not to drag this out for details of the deck, I leave a picture of this, the list card by card, and a video of how to use it and some combos.

Down Here you can see some gameplays of the Deck and the Deck by itself.

Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck List Image
Main Deck:

– High Priestess of Prophecy
– Reaper of Prophecy x3 ( This cards when is summoned, you can aply effects depending of the amount of different spellbook magic cards in the graveyard)
– Magical Exemplar x3
– Fool of Prophecy x2 (this one works to fill up the graveyard for Reaper of Prophecy and also to summon it)
– Night’s End Sorcerer x2
– Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x2
– Allure of Darkness
– Spellbook of Power x3
– Monster Gate
– Spellbook of the Master x2
– Reasoning x2
– Alma Spellbook
– Monster Reborn
– Spellbook of Secrets x3
– Divine Judgment of Spellbooks x2
– Spellbook of Wisdom x2
– Spellbook of Fate
– Spellbook Star Hall x2
– Spellbook of Life x2
– Wonder Wand x2
– The Grand Spellbook Tower x2

Extra Deck:

– Dark End Dragon
– Arcanite Magician
– Tempest Magician ( You can use this card, and Magical exemplar to do great OTK for the effect of Damage)
– Ally of Justice Catastor
– Constellar Ptolemys Messier
– Gauntlet Shooter
– Magi Magi Magician Gal
– Number 39: Utopia
– Photon Papilloperative
– Number 50: Blackship of Corn
– Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
– Gagaga Cowboy
– Leviair the Sea Dragon
– Gachi Gachi Gantetsu x2

Down Here you can see some gameplays of the Deck and the Deck by itself.

  • DracoDragon777

    Any one know a good counter against a Fire King Deck? I have a lot of Spellbooks and Prophecy Cards and would like to at least have an advantage against a deck that has a 80% win rate overall.

  • Crux

    This might be risky I think…….

  • Rafael Meireles

    y u no use stardust?