Psychic Deck Recipe April 2013

So here we are with a Psychic Deck, now that we have Emergency Teleport back to three copies is good enough to make this deck alive again. Well this is not a Top Deck but we can have some fun and make the opponent suffer a little for a while. The Silent Psychic Wizard is a pretty solid monster, it has 1900 Atk points, also a good effect, that when it is Normal Summoned you can banish a Psychic monster from your graveyard and then when the Wizard is sent to the graveyard you make a Special Summon to the banished one, so as you can see, you can even do this to high level monster because this one doesn’t make an exception. I always use at least one Overdrive Teleporter, for me his effect is amazing, paying 2000 life points, you can bring from your deck 2 level 3 psychic monsters, infinity of combos with this guy. Another card to notice in this deck is Esper Girl, tuner level 2, earth and of course psychic, when this card removed from play is Special Summon you must banish the top card of your deck face-down, now when it is sent to the graveyard you add the face-down card to your hand. Well that’s all for now, follow us though our social network and enjoy playing.

Psychic Deck Recipe Image 2013

Main Deck:

– Overdrive Teleporter
– Silent Psychic Wizard x3
– Serene Psychic Witch
– Psychic Commander
– Card Trooper x2
– Hushed Psychic Cleric x2
– Esper Girl x3
– Psychic Jumper
– Heavy Storm
– Miracle Synchro Fusion x3
– Darkhole
– Monster Reborn
– Mystical Space Typhoon x2
– Emergency Teleport x3
– Bottomless Traphole x2
– Torrential Tribute x2
– Psychic Trigger
– Psychic Overload
– Compulsory Evacuation Device x3
– Fiendish Chain x2


Ultimate Axon Kicker x2
– Hyper Psychic Blaster
– Crimson Blader
– Thought Ruler Archfiend
– Psychic Lifetrancer
– Naturia Barkion
– Psychic Nightmare
– Psychiconductor Behemoth
– T.G. Hyper Librarian
– Magical Android
– Naturia Beast
– Leviair the Sea Dragon
– Temtempo the Percussion Djinn

  • Manucifer

    has won many match with this deck, is powerful?

  • Dacio

    Take out one esper, play two teleporters! and take out a compulsory and play brain hazard to combo :)