New Gem-Knight Deck Build

Welcome to Deck-List and this is a New Gem-Knight Deck Build, a solid Fusion Deck, with a lot of Fusion Monsters with good effects, maybe not like Elemental Heros but they do a good job. The strategy with this deck is basically pressure the opponent with good the attack and velocity of the Fusion Monsters. You can make OTK with this deck super easy, the most used fusion for me is Gem-Knight Zirconia, this one doesn’t has any effect but is packed with 2900 Atk points, it is fusion summon with any Gem-Knight Monster plus a Rock-Type Monster, if you use Gem-Knight Obsidian after the fusion this one give you the possibility to special summon a normal level 4 or lower monster from your graveyard, and well we use 6 normal Gem-Knight monster in our deck beside two Rescue Rabbit. The card we use to fusion summon Gem-Knights is Gem-Knight Fusion this one is like Polymerization, it sends materials from your hand and field but also when this card is in your graveyard you can banish one gem-knight monster to add this card to your hand, well that’s all for now, follow us and leave your comments about this Gem-Knight Deck down below. Also if you have time check our Vampire Deck.


New Gem-Knight Deck Recipe

Main Deck:

Gem-Knight Garnet x3
Gem-Knight Tourmaline x3
Elemental Hero Prisma
Gem-Armadillo x2
Rescue Rabbit x2
Gem-Turtle x2
Gem-Knight Obsidian x3
Gem-Knight Lazuli x3
Gem-Knight Fusion x3
Heavy Storm
Mind Control
Dark Hole
Pot of Avaricie
Monster Reborn
Dark Factory of Mass Production x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Forbidden Lance x2
Burial from a Different Dimension
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Compulsory Evacuation Device x2
Solemn Judgment Solemn

Extra Deck:

Gem-Knight Zirconia x2
Gem-Knight Prism Aura x2
Gem-Knight Citrine x2
Gem-Knight Ruby x2
Gem-Knight Topaz
Gem-Knight Pearl
Number 39: Utopia
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
Lavalval Chain
Daigusto Emeral
Gagaga Cowboy