Neo Space Deck by Vag


Most of us liked the Neo-Spacians Jaden played at the GX series…So here is a recipe of a fun deck of mine,that has proved really competitive in most of the times.I don t say it can win trophies,but it is really fun to use it and see how other react when you turn the tables.

Neo Space Deck Profile

Click this Image to Download the Neo Space YDK File


2x E-Hero Neos(3 Neos are not really needed for this deck)
1xNeo Space Pathfinder(the searcher for the Neo Space,also a target for The Shinning)
3x E-Hero Prisma(the heart of the deck…we need monsters in the Graveyard and he can provide that to us,also we can use him for “Neos” fusion monsters and for the Shinning…He does pretty much everything in this deck)
1xN-S. Dark Panther(He isan t very realiable on his own,except against monsters like Tragoedia.But his fusion can get rid of many annoying monsters)
1xN-S. Air Hummingbird(I only use one because i like to play an archtype at its fullest…you can use two,instead of the panther if you want)
1xN-S. Grand Mole(the troller of the deck…great ability,even greater fusion.even on his own,he can stall a lot of decks or ruin their monsters)
1xN-S. Aqua Dolphin(more like a back-up plan to sent monsters to the graveyard…also a target for Absolute Zero and Storm Neos)
1xN-S. Flame Scarab(in some particular situations,he can stall or deal some dmg.But i want him more for his fusions)
1xDandylion(he is kind of optional,but he has saved me a lot of times)
1xMorphing Jar(obvious)
2xCross Porter(he is a searcher fo the N-S monsters.he can give you an N-S monster even if you sent him to the Graveyard through the effect of Morphing jar)


2xE-Call(i only use two because i also run 2 A Hero Lives so i don t really need all of my Prismas or Neos in my hand)
2xA Hero Lives(Obvious.the main combo here is to bring two Prismas and then use their effect to sent one Neos and another monster to the grave,then exceed summon Lavalval Chain or Daigusto Emeral and do some more combos)
3xMiracle Contact(the main spell card of the deck…it sends two Neos Fusion Material Monsters back to the deck to SS an Neos Fusion Monster)
2xMiracle Fusion(we use graveyard,we use E-heroes…do want another reason? 😛 )
1xDark Hole(staple)
1xO-Oversoul(another way to summon Neos from the grave)
2xConvert Contact(the drawing machine of the deck.also fills the graveyard with neo spacians)
2xContact Out(this is the OTK card or the lifesaver card.if you have the fusion materials of a Neos monster in your deck,it can sent the Neos fusion monster you control to the extra deck and special summon the two or three materials.note that it is a quick-spell)
1xInstant Neo Space(this card has 2 uses: 1)it keeps a Neos fusion monster on the field without Neo Space and 2)if the equiped monster leaves the field,it special summons a Neos from hand,deck or graveyard.combine it with Contact Out and there you have your 2 Neos on the field at once)
2xNeo Space(obvious)


1xMirror Force(staple)
1xScrap-Iron Scarecrow(it s slow-start deck,so some stalling techs are needed)
1xRoyal Decree(just for safety)
1xCall of the Haunted(obvious)
1xSolemn Warning(obvious)


1xE-Hero Storm Neos(He wipes out all the S/T on the field.Also,if he uses his effect at the end phase,all cards on the field are suffled back to the deck.pretty convinient effects in some cases)
1xE-Hero Magma Neos(the beater of the deck.i have seen him with 9400 ATK which is awesome.also,when he leaves the field,he returns all the card from the field to the can mess up with a lot of decks that way)
1xE-Hero Nova Master(E-hero element coverage)
1xE-Hero The Shining(the same as nova master,also recycling my prismas from the graveyard)
1xE-Hero Absolute Zero(the same as nova master,also very cool effect)
1xE-Hero Air Neos(the second beater.his attack can reach astronimical values.and he is the reason why there 3 LP-cost cards in this deck)
1xE-Hero Dark Neos(you can shun an annoying effect monster and hit it with 2500 or 3000 ATK.not bad)
1xE-Hero Grand Neos(maybe the most important fusion of the deck.once per turn you can send one monster from your opponent’s side of the field to cool is that?)
1xE-Hero Gaia(same as nova master)
1xMaestroke, The Symphony Djinn(he is a good staller,he is a book of moon with DEF points,and i just like him 😀 but to be honest,he is optional)
1xLavalval Chain(feeder of the Graveyard)
2x Daigusto Emeral(the main XYZ of the deck.I rarely use the recycle and draw ability of his,because i never play so many turns for it to be needed.but his other ability brings Neos from the grave.with only that i would be satisfied)
1xWind-Up Zenmaines(we have a lot of LVL 3 monsters in this deck…so this staller works perfectly here)

Side(i have some cards in this photo,but i will tell you 4 cards that it would be good to have in your side deck)
1xCommon Soul(in some case odds this card has won me some games)
1xDouble Summon(in case you have two Prisma on your hand or you want to summon another monster to make a fusion)
1xFake Mask(warning:as far as i know,this cannot be used with XYZ monsters)
1xFake Hero(a way to summon a neos fusion with the materials in your hand)
1xBurial From a Different Dimension(with miracle fusion,we banish some monsters and Shining’s ability only works on E-Heroes,no other monsters…in some cases it may be needed)

I think it s pretty easy to understand the combos of this deck…the main idea is get a lot of damage first,the call Air Neos and OTK.But because s*&t happens,it has many strategies and combos that can win you a seemingly lost duel.Also there is a reason why the Neos fusions return to the deck at the end of the turn:they are probably the most powerful fusion monsters ever made.So don t take the lightly.I hope you like it,have fun!

  • cuberminerera

    Trolley deck. Found the way to get banned cards from ydk files.