Morphtronic Deck Recipe Last Format

Today we are checking this Morphtronic Deck Recipe, a good old deck that always works. This was probably the first full deck that I had with real cards, long time ago. This is actually funny a lot of little guys that really can make great OTKs working together and with Equip Spell Cards. They are two Key Cards on this Build, the first one is Morphtronic Celfon (● While in Attack Position: Once per turn, you can roll a six-sided die. Reveal cards from top of your Deck equal to the roll and Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Morphtronic” monster from among them, ignoring the Summoning conditions. Shuffle the rest into the Deck.● While in Defense Position: Once per turn, you can roll a six-sided die. Look at cards from top of your Deck equal to the roll, then return them in the same order.), this guys is really amazing, and the other one is Morphtronic BoomBoxen (● While in Attack Position, this card can attack twice during each Battle Phase.● Once per turn, while in Defense Position, when a face-up “Morphtronic” monster you control is targeted for an attack: You can negate the attack.), this last one is almost always the one that makes the OTK because the ability of Double Attack. A lot of Equip Cards to boost attack and Special Summon, and all of they can be obtained thanks to Power Tool Dragon (1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters ——- Once per turn: You can choose 3 Equip Spell Cards from your Deck, then your opponent randomly picks 1 of them to add to your hand, and you shuffle the rest into the Deck. If this card would be destroyed while equipped with an Equip Spell Card, you can send that card to the Graveyard instead.) really fast. Reasoning – Junk Box – Machine Duplication makes a good job with the Special Summon on this Deck, always giving priority to Celfon =). Well that’s all for now guys, enjoy this Morphtronic Deck and don’t forget to use our Forum, is the best way to stay in touch, see ya.


Morphtronic Deck Last Format OTK

Main Deck:

  • Morphtronic Slingen x2
  • Morphtronic Boomboxen x3
  • Morphtronic Radion x3
  • Morphtronic Scopen x3
  • Morphtronic Boarden x2
  • Morphtronic Remoten x2
  • Morphtronic Lantron
  • Morphtronic Celfon x3
  • One for One
  • Mind Control
  • Junk Box x3
  • Morphtronic Accelerator x2
  • Dark Hole
  • Reasoning x2
  • Machine Duplication x3
  • Limiter Removal
  • United We Stand x2
  • Double Tool C&D x3
  • Morphtronic Repair Unit x2

Extra Deck:

  • Mist Wurm
  • Scrap Dragon
  • Black Rose Dragon
  • Power Tool Dragon x2
  • Power Tool Mecha Dragon
  • Sirius the Blue Dog Star
  • T.G. Hyper Librarian
  • Ally of Justice Catastor
  • Armory Arm
  • Formula Synchron
  • Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
  • Gagaga Cowboy
  • Slacker Magician

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