Hunder Rank-Up Recipe for Number C39: Utopia Ray V

Hello Yugioh Community! Here is my new Hunder Rank-Up Recipe for Number C39: Utopia Ray V. I made this deck  because is pretty easy do a rank 4 xyz summon thanks to the Hunder Family, and of course they are cute, lol. Before going too deep on this, is good to know that is not necessary to bring Utopia or anyone of his family, I love Starliege Paladynamo, is in my opinion one of the best Xyz Monster out there. This last one is require two level 4 light monsters for overlay and detaching both material you can negate permanently the effect of any of your  opponent’s  monsters, and beside that if this one is destroyed by your opponent attack or card effect you draw one card, amazing right? Let’s keep going with the two cards that let’s you bring the main card of this build, Number C39: Utopia Ray V.

Rank-Up Recipe Magic Card

The first one is Rank-Up Magic – Numeron Force and the original effect is: Target 1 face-up Xyz Monster you control; Xyz Summon 1 “Number C” monster with the same Type and 1 Rank higher than that target, using the target as the Xyz Material (Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on the new Xyz Monster), then negate the effects of all cards currently face-up on the field, except the monster Special Summoned by this effect.

So what that means is that beside you get your Ultragood Utopia Xyz Monster on the field, you will also negate the effect of all others face-up cards on the field, Field Spell Cards, Continuous trap and spell cards and of course monsters, thats just insane. So for that incredible effect we will use three copies.


The Second one is Rank-Up Magic – Barian’s Force, almost the same effect but instead of negate the effects of all face-up cards on the field this one let you steal one Xyz Material of one of your opponent monster for your monster, but your opponent must have an Xyz Monster for that, and that’s not always the situation, but our mission is Rank-Up monsters so we give it a chance and we will use one copy of this last one. Rank-Up Recipe - Second card for the Rank Up Xyz

Well the rest of the deck, is the basic, bring Utopia to try to Rank Up the monster, basic Hunder Deck Moves, some Recycling Batteries to full your hand, I personally love Batteryman AAA, is full useful for me. Well down here is the Rank-Up Recipe image  so you can check it, and later the names of the cards one by one, don’t forget to follow us in Social Networks to get faster our decks and that’s it, see you soon.


Main Deck:

– Photon Thrasher x3
– Thunder Sea Horse x3
– Vylon Prism x2
– V Salamander
– Mahunder x3
– Pahunder x3
– Honest
– Sishunder
– Batteryman AAA x3
– Heavy Storm
– Rank-Up Magic – Barian’s Force
– Dark Hole
– Pot of Avaricie
– Monster Reborn
– Recycling Batteries x2
– Rank-Up Magic – Numeron Force x3
– Mystical Space Typhoon x2
– Bottomless Trap Hole x2
– Compulsory Evacuation Device x3
– Fiendish Chain x2
– Solemn Warning

Extra Deck:

– Scrap Dragon
– Stardust Dragon
– Number C39: Utopia Ray V x2
– Number C39: Utopia Ray
– Number 39: Utopia x2
– Number 16: Shock Master
– Photon Papilloperative
– Number 50: Blackship of Corn
– Starliege Paladynamo x2
– Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
– Daigusto Emeral

Rank-Up Recipe for Utopia Ray Deck-List


  • david harte

    hi nice deck build.. have you tired the wind-up build yet?

  • Juan C Irizar

    I have a wind-up recipe on the page, but I will make another one soon.

  • Jm Villanueva

    can you make a sorcerer of dark magician deck too?

    kinda have an interest in it.. was hoping if you got some time for it though..

  • pat

    I modified this deck for the main deck ZW and different Rank 4s. all i can say it floors the Elemental dragons

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