Haze Beast Deck List September 2012


This Haze Beast is Really a very good deck, it’s based on the xyz Basilicock, Rekindling is a key card, ’cause two of they has 200 of defense, Firedog is very good too. This deck will have some updates but we need YOGPro updates first.


Main Deck:

  • 3- Hippogriffo
  • 3- Cerberus
  • 2- Spinx
  • 3- Peryton
  • 3- Gryps
  • 3- Flamvell Firedog
  • 2- Flamvell Magician
  • 1-Card Destruction
  • 3- Rekindling
  • 2- Gold Sarcophagus
  • 1- Monster Reborn
  • 2- Pot of Duality
  • 3- Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 3- Hand Destruction
  • 3- Haze Pillar
  • 3- Safe Zone

Extra Deck:

  • 3- Haze Beast
  • 1- Photon Strike Bounzer


Some History:

This deck is an archetype of cards introduced in the Jump Festa 2012 – Special Card Pack that is part of the “Haze” archetype. So far, all “Haze Beast” Effect Monsters are FIRE monsters with Level 6 and low ATK points, with the highest being 2100. The “Haze Beast” monsters use corrupted versions of names of various Mythological creatures.
The first monster, “Haze Beast Hipogrifo”, was released by itself in the Jump Festa 2012 – Special Card Pack. Later, new monsters were revealed in Cosmo Blazer.

The archetype focuses around rapid and easy Summoning of Level 6 monsters to bring out any Rank 6 Xyz Monster, especially “Haze Beast Basilicock”, who can be Xyz Summoned with up to 5 Level 6 FIRE monsters, with different effects based on the number of attached Xyz Materials. All of the members so far share the common effect of being unable to be targeted by the opponent’s card effects, though its most powerful monster, “Haze Beast Basilicock”, requires 4 Xyz Materials to gain this effect.

Their “Haze” support cards, have the common ability to Normal Summon “Haze Beast” monsters with one less Tribute, and in their case, without any Tributes, thus creating even more consistence. They even have other effects of their own, further supporting the archetype.