Harpie Lady Deck List February 2013

Well here I bring another Harpie Lady Deck List, this is more current. Few changes in the extra deck and now joins the team Harpie Dancer, is a new support for Harpies. The effect is that you can select a wind monster you control, then return it to the hand and you can make an additional Normal Summon of a wind monster from your hand, and Harpie Dancer effects can only be activated once per turn. It is also treated as Harpie Lady when it’s on the field or graveyard. Summoner Monk also is here to help with the effect at the end of our turn of ¬†Hysteric Sign, something that gives us quite an advantage to play and we fill our hand practically. Also Lightning Plover and Sylphine, the Cold Bird Beast are here as a potential Xyz support, the last one was recently released by Konami and is amazing, this card detaching one Xyz Material negate the effects of all face-up cards that your opponent controls until your next standby phase, and also to ¬†increase the pain, it’s attack increases by 300 points for each card face-up on the field excepting itself. Tour Guide from the Underworld was added to the deck for the ability to bring sangan and sometimes you can make a Leviair to bring cards removed by your opponent or your own Silpheed. Well let’s see the deck:

Harpie Lady Deck Image Cards

Main Deck:

  • Harpie’s Pet Dragon x2
  • Harpie Queen x3
  • Cyber Harpie Lady x2
  • Silpheed x2
  • Harpie Lady 1
  • Harpie Channeler x3
  • Harpie Dancer x3
  • Summoner Monk x2
  • Tour Bus from the Underworld x2
  • Sangan
  • Mind Control
  • Dark Hole
  • Monster Reborn
  • Elegant Egotist x2
  • Forbidden Lance x2
  • Hysteric Sign x3
  • Harpies’ Hunting Ground x3
  • Icarus Attack x2
  • Starlight Road
  • Call of the Haunted
  • Solemn Warning x2

Extra Deck:

  • Stardust Dragon
  • Number 11: Big Eye x2
  • Photon Papilloperative
  • Number 50: Blackship of Corn
  • Sylphine, the Cold Bird Beast x2
  • Lightning Plover x2
  • Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
  • Daigusto Emeral
  • Abyss Dweller
  • Gagaga Gunman
  • Leviair the Sea Dragon
  • Wind-Up Zenmaines