E-Heroes Deck Profile from Vaggelhs Vaitsis

Hey guys, i love playing E-Heroes so i tried to built an all-around and versatile deck of them,that can also be competitive. I have used many recipes on this theme and the one i am posting is my final version. I will now represent my deck and give explanations on every card

Heroes Deck Profile

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1xE-Hero Avian(they took stratos away so we must have a WIND-Attribute monster for Great Tornado)
1xE-Hero Neos Alius(obvious)
1xE-Hero The Heat(good beater,starts with 1800 ATK of the hook and can expand further)
1xE-Hero Wildheart(obvious)
1xE-Hero Ocean(from my experience,you will rarely use his effect but you can use him for Abs-Zero and Acid)
1xE-Hero Lady Heat(a bit of effect dmg and also an extra out for Nova Master)
1xE-Hero Flash(he is a life saver.except the fact that he can give you back a normal magic card,he can also make The Shinning stronger or give targets for Voltic’s and The Shinning’s effects and Return from a Different Dimension)
1xE-Hero Woodsman(obvious,also a target for M-Hero Dian)
1xE-Hero Voltic(this is a deck that banishes it s monsters a lot…so it’s obvious)
1xE-HEro Bubbleman(obvious)
1xE-Hero Ice Edge(this little fellow can make miracles happen.and he is an under-used hero so most players don t know with what they are dealing with at first.also target for Abs-Zero and Acid)
1xPhantom Magician(he is a good searcher for woodsman and other low attack heroes.also he is the only dark monster and can be a material for Escuridao)
1xPenguin Soldier(my fav trool card.also a possible material for Abs-Zero)
1xMorphing Jar(obvious)
1xMan-Eater Bug(another underused card these days and something most people don t expect)


3x E-Call(obvious)
2xPolys(many aske me why i still use polys…the reason is simply that many times i need to feed my graveyard with it does the job)
1xShallow Grave(has many uses,butthe main idea was to use the flip effects again and to bring materials for a fusion)
2xMiracle Fusion(obvious)
1xDark Hole(Obvious)
1xFifth Hope(it s an optional card, i just use it atm.but it s not a standard card)
1xMagical Mallet(same with fifth hope)
1xThe Warrior Returning Alive(obvious)
1xMST(obvious,some times i remove magical mallet and run 2 of them)
2xMask Change(a lifesaver card)
2xSuper Poly(obvious)
2xFusion Gate(obvious)


1xHero Signal(i have many cards that i set to use their effects and in combo with this card,after their destruction,i can get a monster in my field that suits me)
1xReturn From A Different Dimension(i banish a lot of monsters so this card can be a lifesaver,in terms of attacking or defending)
1xMirror Force(obvious)
1xMagic Cylinder(Obvious)
1xCompulsory Evacuation Device(obvious)
1xScrap-Iron Scarecrow(obvious,i sometimes replace it with negate attack)


1xM-Hero Dian(He is perfect for swarming the field.after he destroys a monster,you can special summon a hero from your deck.)
1xE-Hero Great Tornado(very useful card,cuts in half all the opponent’s monster attack that were on the field the turn he was summoned.also can stop Harpies with Super Poly)
1xE-Hero Nova Master(you draw an extra card after he destroys a monster,also a great counter for Fire Fists/Fire King)
1xV-Hero Adoration(he has a very nice effect,but i rarely use fact,he is more of 2800 beater that i use at some situations)
2xE-Hero The Shinning(one of my two ace cards.He is a(at least)2600 beater and if he is destroyed,he gives me back 2 banished hero monsters)
1xE-Hero Escuridao(the main reason he is here is because of blacwings and evilswarm.except that,he is a good beater)
1xM-Hero Acid(he is just WONDERFULL.when he is summoned,he destroys all of my opponent’s spells and traps.Enough said)
2xE-Hero Absolute Zero(my second ace card.Except the fact that against decks like mermails he becomes really strong,he can destroy all my opponent’s monsters when he is removed from the field.It doesn t matter where he goes.If he was on the field and then he is gone,he gives me a clear shot.Makes a good combo with mask change to summon acid)
1xV-Hero Trinity(he may need 3 Hero monsters for his summoning,he may can t attack directly BUT in the first round he is summoned he has 5000 attack points and can attack 3 times on monsters.he makes very easy OTKs)
1xE-Hero Gaia(i have many earth monsters on this recipe,so he couldn t be missing.also a very good effect if you want to get rid of an opponent’s high attack monster)
1xM-Hero Goka(i rarely use him,but i have 3 fire monsters in the deck,so more that enough targets for my mask change.but he is optional to me)
1xBlade Armor Ninja(obvious)
1xMaestroke The Symphony Djinn(obvious)

As you can see,this deck has limitless combos.and as far as i have used it(which is A LOT),it almost always has an answer for everything.the main weakness is that there is no main strategy,so you have to wait for the opponent to make the first move.but it’s worth it 😉 i hope you enjoy it.

  • Vaggelis

    i apologise for the banned cards that are here,the deck was sent before the new banlist.i need to make a deck healer at some point…but because the admin seems to be a little busy,if anyone has any question about what to do with the new banlist,ask here

  • Juan C Irizar

    I really was very busy, and I’m sorry, I’m planning to spend more time on my page, I’m by myself so sometimes is hard.

  • Vaggelis

    dude i also work and i understand you,no need to apologise..except that we can all help here…btw, i will post a neo spacian deck in a bit,so keep in mind to post it 😛

  • Juan C Irizar

    Alright man, thanks a lot.

  • Megaforce

    Worst E-Hero deck ever -.- … 1 type of each elemental hero -.-, 1 type of each tramp and with the spells that you use isnt this a competitive deck. Remake all the estructure, is horrible

  • Vaggelis

    ok use it and then come and tell me again 😉

  • BoBpos

    yea mega use it first then judge :)

  • BoBpos

    ty for the ideas of that deck bro good working build it like that :)

  • Vaggelis

    thnx bro,with the new cardfs available you can modify it in many ways 😉 i will make a healer at some point

  • Ilias Iriesu

    The bans of morphing jar and RDD hurts :(

  • Vaggelis

    true dat…first stratos,the rdd and then this deck became really unviable.

  • Nicholas D’Angelo

    I just used it and won and it does have limitless combos

  • Shock

    Hey there, i just bought 3 of the New Hero Strike structure deck. I’m going to build e-heroes for the 2nd time (i had an old e-hero deck in 2007) and i still have my old deck. If i have 3 of the structure decks, tell me what my deck should look like and what extra cards i should have.

  • Vaggelis

    I should advice you to wait until blazeman comes to tcg, The variant I am running online right now uses both omni and masked heroes and is pretty good i can say. The cards that you will use are up to your playstyle. But until blazeman comes out and some other tech cards I would run in this format are:
    1)defusion(especially if you run poly). It is a very nice out against shaddolls ori even noden(when he comes to tcg).
    2)pinpoint guard. You can buy a turn, special your shadow mist and then grab your change spell and do your game.
    3)fifth hope is a card that can be game-changer, because you will apparently run few monsters and you may want to recycle them.
    You can always look at the M-Hero deck I posted here, it is similar to the one I play right now with a few changes. But you SHOULD find a way to use voltic. He is vital for the deck. I run 1 of him but I may drop one neos alius to run a second.
    Keep in mind that your deck banishes more than you think. Try to find a way to get advantage of this. D.D.R. is a way to use your banished monsters or even use parallel world fusion(has helped me a lot and is the main way I summon C-Hero Chaos). I hope I helped you.

  • Richu2001

    Hey great deck, I’ve only lost 2 battles so far, and that’s because of players disabling spells! If there are ways to get around this I would suggest adding it in. Other than that great deck!

  • Richu2001

    Dude you probably never used the deck, so why don’t you stfu okay?

  • Στεφανος Δεληγιαννης

    Nice deck man!!!!!

  • jordan snow

    I would take out voltic and put in sparkman then throw in a spark blaster and add a burstinatrix

  • Apes

    Best deck bro 20/10 my rating :)