Brotherhood of the Koaki-Rabbit Deck by Andy

From: Andy Caldwell
Subject: Brotherhood of the Koaki-Rabbit

Message Body:
Hello, everyone, my name is Andy but, please, call me ”Dragon.” This is a deck I found quite a long time ago called Brotherhood of the Koaki-Rabbit. It’s a combination of Fire Fist, Dino-Rabbit, and Koaki-Meiru. It’s basically just a rank 4 tool box deck that can some anything from Laggia to Fairy King Albverdich. It’s a very simple strategy. Essentially, you either summon Rescue Rabbit and use it’s effect to get out your vanillas and make an XYZ, you can use Koaki-Meiru Urknight’s effect and reveal an Iron Core in your hand to summon Crusaders from your deck. This deck can summon really big beaters really fast and once you beat your opponent down with your abnormally strong monster, you make a Tiger King and negate their effects on top of it. Surprisingly this deck can actually be quite competitive and, it’s really fun to play. Hope you enjoyed.




Download this Koaki-Rabbit Deck .YDK File

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Koaki-Meiru Urknight x3
Koaki-Meiru Crusader x3
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Bear x3
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Gorilla x2
Gene Warped Warwolf x3
Sabersaurus x3
Rescue Rabbit x1


Iron Core of Koaki Meiru x3
Fire Formation Tenki x2
Fire Formation Tensu x2
Forbidden Lance x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x3
Dark Hole x1


Fire Formation Tensen x2
Fiendish Chain x2
Mirror Force x2
Bottomless Trap Hole x1
Compulsory Evacuation Device x1
Solemn Warning x1

Extra Deck:

Evolzar Laggia x1
Evolzar Dolka x1
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Tiger King x2
Number 39: Utopia x1
Number C39: Utopia Ray x1
Photon Papiloperative x1
Daigusto Emeral x1
Diamond Dire Wolf x1
Fairy King Albverdich x1
Gagaga Cowboy x1
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn x1
Number 50: Blackship of Corn
Gem-Knight Pearl x1
Evilswarm Ourobouros

Side Deck

Maxx C x2
Swift Scarecrow x1
D.D. Crow x1
Soul Release x2
Dark Core x2
Torrential Tribute x1
Needle Ceiling x2
Non Aggression Area x2
Imperial Iron Wall x2