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TellaKnight Deck by Vag

Tellaknight Deck Recipe and YDK

So,this is the new archtype that seems to be the first meta deck of the Arc-V era. To sum it up,it has 3 effect monsters,one XYZ monster,one quick-play spell and one counter trap. Which are all AWESOME! Their gameplay reminds ...

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Harpwings deck by Vag (Harpies Blackwings)

Harpie Blackwing YDK

Hey there! Today i will give you a recipe that i haven t seen many times(maybe one or two before years):harpies with blackwing support. They might have a different gameplay,but the options they give you are limitless. Most of the ...

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Ice Barrier Deck and YDK by Vag

Ice Barrier Deck Profile and YDK

Hey there! Today i will give you a fun Ice Barrier deck. For the last years(after Trish and Brionac ban) they are a pretty much dead arctype. They are acused for being slow,unconsistable and a dull deck. I tried my ...

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Sylvan Deck Profile and Sylvan Turbo

Sylvan Turbo Deck Recipe (Shinra Turbo)

Ok people, today I bring to you guys two different recipes of the Sylvan Deck. I have always been a plant type fan, decks involving plant engine, Gigaplant-Supervise deck, everything. This new archetype bring a lot of good stuff, I ...

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Baby Raccoon Deck Recipe and YDK

Baby Raccoon Deck and YDK

Hi everyone and welcome to this Baby Raccoon Deck Profile. This is based in a recipe from top 4 regional on Canada, I saw the profile posted in a facebook page and decided to make few changes. This a Level ...

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Heraldic Beast Deck Profile and YDK

Heraldry Beast Deck and YDK

This is my Heraldic Beast Deck Profile, a fun deck with a lot of potential. The game is based on the ability to fast Xyz Summon Monsters from your extra deck. This archetype has a lot of cards that works ...

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