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FORBIDDEN & LIMITED LISTS From September 1st to December 30th, 2013


Hi everyone, today I’m talking about the New¬†FORBIDDEN & LIMITED LIST that will be active exactly 4 months. Just seeing this you will notice that is not more 6 months, so it looks like Konami will make 3 different Banlist ...

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Air Neos Otk Profile March 2013

Air Neos Otk Deck List

Here with an Air Neos Otk Recipe, this deck can be a good surprise, this makes your opponent think that you are losing by the low amount of hit points, when suddenly, Elemental Hero Air Neos is on the field ...

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Why Wind-Up is a good deck?

Wind-Up deck list

[prever]GHAbUmLeuO0[/prever] What a format the September 2012 banlist has actually brought us. From Wind-Ups taking Toronto by storm, to Turmoil Dragons going undefeated in swiss at Indy, to Six Samurai winning, to Alistar creating the “Trooper Agent” deck and Billy ...

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