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M-Hero Deck Picture YDK

M-HERO deck by Vag

And yes, they are back! On the internet games at least Konami gave HEROes some love, and they definately deserved it. The M-HERO ...

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Ninja Atlantean Deck List and YDK

A legendary Ninja Deck by Verlon

Last year my build was a bit more aggressive but this build is still fun I only made it to Bring out Poseidra ...

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Batteryman Deck and YDK

Batteryman Deck with 9V

I have not been too active for a long time, but here I am. This is a nice Batteryman Deck able to win ...

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Naturia Deck Profile and YDK

Naturia Deck Profile by Bradley

I’ve been running Naturia’s for ages, and have had an old build of my deck uploaded on here already, but I’d like to ...

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Yugioh Deck Recipes

Naturia Deck Profile for Yugioh TCG

Natural Death (Naturia Deck) by Bradley

From: Bradley Subject: Natural Death (Naturia Deck) Message Body: Hi everyone, I have been running Naturia’s for years. With the many formats I ...

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Vampire Zombie Deck Recipe

New Vampire Zombie Deck Recipe

Well here is this New Vampire Zombie Deck Recipe, I have been just like 2 hours using it, and well, I like a ...

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Ancient Gear Otk Deck Recipe for Ultimate Golem

Ancient Gear OTK Deck Recipe with Golem

Hi Yugioh Community, I really don’t remember who asked me for this Ancient Gear OTK Deck, but well I’m sure that guy will ...

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Hieratic Deck Recipe Image

Hieratic Deck Recipe

Hey guys, is time for some Hieratic Deck Recipe , I’m not sure where I got this Recipe, so any advice is good. I tested ...

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