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Battlin' Boxer Deck card by card

Battlin’ Boxer Deck Recipe by JaBeZ

Hello Yu Gi Oh World! I just wanted to share the deck I constructed… I’m kinda’ new on this but I’ve had my interest ...

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Fire King Deck with The Wicked Eraser

Fire King Deck Profile from Reddit

Hi people, this Fire King Deck was posted on the Yugioh-Reddit bye HueHueJimmyRustler. This Fire Kings runs very good, are consistent and the difference between ...

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Battlin' Boxer Recipe card by card.

The ”knock-out” power of the Battlin’ Boxers by Cicciofano

So yeah, I’m in LOVE whit this archetype since it was released. I totally love warrior-type monsters (except for those freaking Six-Samurais). And… what do ...

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Vampire Deck Recipe and YDK

Vampire deck by Vag

Hello there…Today i will give you my vampire deck recipe. I started this deck just for fun without big expectations,but it has proven ...

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